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Divergent polymath, culture architect, and multi-hyphenate artist Julián Esteban Torres López applies his 25+ years of global experience in numerous fields to help organizations, changemakers, and artists explore, imagine, transform, innovate, and create beyond socially constructed boundaries.

Catalyst for profound change

Visionary culture architect

Genre-bending artist

Divergent polymath

Public Scholar


Julián Esteban Torres López

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About Julián Esteban Torres López

Hailing from Medellín, Colombia, JULIÁN ESTEBAN TORRES LÓPEZ is a visionary culture architect, genre-bending artist, versatile public scholar, passionate speaker, and a powerful catalyst for liberating creativity and creating liberation. He serves as a beacon of inspiration for transformative change. As a multiply neurodivergent individual with ancestry spanning African, European, and Abya Yala Indigenous roots, his polymathic and multi-hyphenate artistry and advocacy delve into the intricate interplay of nature and nurture through a decolonial prism, offering fresh and multifaceted perspectives.
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Julián’s work has received critical acclaim in public history, the arts, the humanities, social sciences, journalism, business leadership and development, multimedia publishing, Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI+), and literary realms. He is a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for his artistry and community-building efforts, and has founded, led, and been a guest speaker at dozens of DEI+ and social justice initiatives across the world. Additionally, he has been granted multiple research fellowships to conduct work on corporate social responsibility, human rights assessments, and conflict resolution, presenting his original research at international panels and conferences. Holding an M.A. in justice studies and B.A.s in philosophy and communication from the University of New Hampshire, Julián was a Ph.D. candidate at the University of British Columbia, where he focused on political science and Latin American studies. 
With over two and a half decades of diverse global professional experiences, Julián remains a steadfast advocate for both liberation and creativity. His life’s work: marked by a deep commitment to challenging conventions and guiding those dedicated to the formation of a more equitable world. 

Divergent Polymath

Julián defies traditional categories, embarking on a boundless journey of exploration. His polymathic nature rejects the confines of a single discipline, excelling in numerous fields. From arts to social justice and academia, his multidimensional talents span a wide spectrum. Julián’s visionary approach encompasses poetry, essays, fiction, music, sonic art, visual arts, performing arts, philosophy, ethics, sociology, history, Latin American studies, justice studies, and political science, continually challenging preconceived norms. His work transcends genres, pushing the boundaries of public scholarship and artistic conventions. With an innate ability to transcend limitations, Julián’s creations inspire meaningful change and underscore the transformative power of a polymathic perspective.

Culture Architect

Julián is a visionary culture architect, dedicated to (re)imagining, (re)designing, (re)shaping, and enriching culture, empowering individuals and communities.
He facilitates anti-oppression workshops and training, advocates for transformative change, and nurtures meaningful relationships rooted in love, acceptance, and growth. Through numerous platforms, he amplifies voices and drives cultural shifts. Julián’s influence extends across a diverse spectrum. In the realm of visual, literary, and performing arts, he has founded/co-founded numerous organizations and innitiatives, like The Wet Paint Café, The WRIT Workshop, The WRIToracle, The Artists’ Circle, Society of Expression, The Waysmeet Art Gallery, Crooked Verse Poetry Slam, and the International Film Fridays Series at UBC Okanagan. As a senior DEI+ consultant, he has pioneered cultural transformation for numerous organizations, such as Thumbtack, Tandem Diabetes Care, SoFar Sounds, youB, Coursera, and the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.
He has forged pathways in education: moderating/facilitating public debates and conversations on impactful socio-political topics; co-founding The Dialectic Philosophy Journal; founding the University of New Hampshire Philosophy Conference and the Leadership and Development Committee for Wells Fargo’s Historical Services; managing the Wells Fargo History Museum in San Francisco; and leading educational initiatives for The Aji Network, Upward Bound, and the McNair Research Opportunity Program.
He also shapes the world of multimedia arts with The Nasiona, a movement and platform he founded that advocates for and centers, elevates, and amplifies the personal stories and concerns of survivors of oppressive systems and of those otherized by dominant cultures, thereby helping to cultivate societal and cultural change. Julián’s unwavering dedication consistently challenges norms and paves the way for a more equitable world.

Multi-hyphenate Artist

Julián’s creative works span various mediums, including poetry, essays, short fiction, creative nonfiction, experimental music, sound art, visual arts, and performing arts. His expressions center on themes of identity, culture, and social justice, challenging preconceived notions and amplifying ways of being that have been systematically devalued and dehumanized. His work is known for its genre-bending, genre-defying, and genre-less nature, pushing the boundaries of conventional artistic norms, as well as its versatility and commitment to exploring complex and meaningful themes. Julián’s Ninety-Two Surgically Enhanced Mannequins, for example, is a collection of micro-poems that redefines the boundaries of United Statesian poetry. Julián has also released several albums that showcase his prowess in experimental music, performance storytelling, and sound art, including Sfumato, Hir​ˌ​ī​th​(​Ē​)​Ə, and Liminality, each pushing the boundaries of aural art. As a prolific, multi-hyphenate artist, Julián’s creations are a testament to the power of imagination, creativity, and innovation. He defies preconceived notions, allowing his work to transcend the ordinary and inspire meaningful change.


Julián’s extensive research journey spans over two decades, delving into public history and art, the humanities, and social sciences.
As a historical researcher and graphic design consultant, Julián partnered with historical societies (local, county, state, and national), libraries, archives, and graphic designers to create 150 unique, custom- and graphically designed community murals, installed across 25 U.S. states, that respect the each community’s legacy, celebrates its diversity, and honors the past upon which the community was founded. He also wrote 1,000+ legend captions and/or colorized historical photographs for each of the 150 historical artwork projects, like a mural and legend that commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act depicting the struggles and triumphs in Montgomery on the road to racial equality, bringing pivotal moments in the US Civil Rights Movement to life.
Further, Julián has earned prestigious fellowships and grants to conduct research as both a principal investigator and co-investigator, making significant contributions to multiple publications, panels (such as “Colombia, the Conflicts and Beyond: Perspectives on a Canadian Ally” at Simon Fraser University), conferences (such as the 29th International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, where Julián presented his paper “The Insecurity of Security Policies in the Andes: An Analysis of the U.S.-Colombian Fight Against Narco-Terrorism and Its Impact on Colombia’s Neighbors”), and media outlets (such as Al Jazeera). His research contributions on topics such as decolonialism, humanism, human rights, security, and global conflicts have been included in various scholarly and news contexts (such as James Rochlin’s “A golden opportunity lost: Canada’s human rights impact assessment and the free trade agreement with Colombia,” published in The International Journal of Human Rights). Julián has been quoted in books, such as the 2nd edition of Development and Decolonization in Latin America by Julia Cupples (Routledge, 2021), and has been thanked in books, such as I Was Wrong: The Meanings of Apologies by Nick Smith (Cambridge University Press, 2008). Julián’s research for the grant on Canada, Human Rights, and Colombian Mining, awarded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, 2012-2015, helped secure $200,000 in funding for a project that ultimately led to the book Profits, Security, and Human Rights in Developing Countries: Global Lessons from Canada’s Extractive Sector in Colombia edited by James Rochlin (Routledge, 2015).

Public Scholar and Journalist

Beyond academia, Julián’s articles, keynotes (such as “Decolonizing and Indigenizing Storytelling” at Texas A&M, San Antonio), workshops (such as “Cultural Heritage Podcasting” at Texas A&M, San Antonio), and talks — on topics such as immigration and border crossing (at California State University, Chico), memoir as a political act (at Mechanics’ Institute Library, San Francisco), leveraging BIPOC identities in publishing (at Women’s National Book Association, Authentic Voices Program), indigenous peoples before conquest in Colombia (at University of British Columbia Okanagan), narrative storytelling and social justice (at Academy of Art, San Francisco), and Colombian magical realism (at The Pearl Remote Democratic High School) — disseminate insights from his research, art, DEI+ consulting, justice advocacy work, and life experiences, connecting with diverse audiences. His dedication to building healthier communities to deconstructing oppressive class and caste systems resonates both in the academic realm and within broader public discourse.
Julián is also a distinguished journalist with impactful work, including a column for Colombia Reports, the book Reporting on Colombia: Essays on Colombia’s History, Culture, Peoples, and Armed Conflict and The Nasiona Podcast. His podcast centers, elevates, and amplifies the personal stories of individuals who’ve been otherized by dominant cultures. His exploration of existential issues with a decolonial perspective reflects compassion and nuance. Some of his interviews are archived in notable cultural and historical institutions, such as the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Smithsonian Latino Center, and the Fernando González Museum and Archives in Colombia.


Julián is a versatile educator, combining his experience in universities, from serving as a graduate teaching assistant in 20+ courses across multiple social science and humanities departments to designing and teaching courses in comparative politics and South American politics as a sessional lecturer. He also moderated public discussions and debates, led a federal TRIO program funded by the U.S. Department of Education, founded an academic conference, organized business conferences, conducted history museum tours, contributed to the publishing of Colorado Department of Education’s “Specific Learning Disability Guidelines,” and has showcased his proficiency in educational management by overseeing the daily business operations of a privately held educational institution for business professionals and facilitating the institution’s transition to a new Learning Management System (LMS), enhancing students’ learning. In the corporate world, his roles as Senior DEI+ Consultant at Yardstick Management and Managing Director of Strategy and Consulting at Conscious Thrive involved leading impactful DEI+ training, workshops, and focus groups. Julián’s dynamic experience across diverse educational and corporate settings exemplifies his profound impact as an educator.


Julián is a dedicated mentor with a profound commitment to guiding and supporting individuals, including students, athletes, artists, editors, journalists, DEI+ practitioners, business professionals, and more. He provided mentorship for underrepresented, low-income, and first-generation high school students during his role as a Tutor Counselor for the Upward Bound Program. His mentorship extended to residential assistant roles for undergraduate and high school students. In his roles as Research Peer Advisor and as Interim Director of the McNair Graduate Opportunity Program, he guided underrepresented undergraduates in preparing for graduate school and independent research projects. Julián’s enduring dedication to mentorship has a transformative impact on the lives of those he sponsors.

Humanitarian and Empowering Changemakers

Julián’s work empowers organizations, changemakers, and artists to explore, imagine, transform, innovate, and create beyond socially constructed boundaries. His approach emphasizes the liberation of creativity, creating liberation, and the promotion of diverse, inclusive, and empathetic narratives and compassionate intrapersonal, interpersonal, societal, and cultural relationships. His work is characterized by a deep commitment to humanizing and empowering individuals and communities targeted by systems of oppression and dominating cultures, to transforming dehumanizing situations, and to advocating for a world where diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility are not just ideals, but everyday realities.

Champion of Authentic Voices

Through his podcast and publishing projects, he amplifies voices that challenge dominant narratives and promote authentic storytelling. As the host, writer, and producer of The Nasiona Podcast, Julián and his guests engage in in-depth, long-form conversations that investigate our humanity, creativity, and journeys toward liberation. Additionally, via The Nasiona Magazine and The Nasiona Publishing House, he amplifies the personal stories of individuals who have been systematically economically, culturally, socially, politically, and geographically excluded from the hierarchies of power — from the apex of those inherited class and caste peaks. He provides a platform for individuals to express their true selves without fear, shame, or assimilation. For example, serving as publisher and editor, Julián and The Nasiona Press partnered with the Women’s National Book Association and the Women of Color organization to publish the book The Roots That Help Us Grow: An Authentic Voices Anthology, Volume 1.

Trauma-Informed Consultant, Advocate, and Activist

He is a committed consultant and activist advocating for social and environmental justice. His activism is deeply rooted in storytelling and cultural transformation, using narratives as a catalyst for addressing societal issues and promoting change. He employs trauma-informed approaches in his activism and storytelling, emphasizing empathy, understanding, and compassion when addressing sensitive and traumatic topics. Julián also works with companies and institutions, offering consulting, training, and coaching to help them embody diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. As the managing director of consulting and strategy at Conscious Thrive, Julián strives to bring back the human at the center of business relationships.

Thought Leader and Innovator

Julián is recognized as a thought leader in storytelling, DEI+, decolonization, neurodiversity, and social justice, inspiring change and fostering meaningful dialogues. His insights are featured in publications and presentations, engaging with nuance and care and facilitating dialogues on difficult ethical, philosophical, cultural, and political topics. Additionally, Julián is known for his innovative contributions to creative fields. His experimental sound art, literature, and multimedia storytelling challenge established norms, provoking thought and inspiring audiences worldwide. He pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, refusing to conform to established norms

Athlete of Mind and Body

Julián’s polymathic nature extends to sports. He excels in chess, scoring in the top worldwide percentiles for puzzle-solving and rating. From excelling in baseball during his school years to becoming a track and field standout, achieving in hurdles, relays, and decathlon, his athletic prowess knows no bounds. As a state powerlifting champion, he broke records in bench press and overall weight lifted. His athletic journey continued with cross-country, volleyball, javelin, stair climbing, and road and mountain races across multiple countries, culminating in qualifying for the Rucking World Championships 50-miler.

Global Citizen and Community Builder

With a background that has touched various alleys and peaks of the planet — including the United States, Colombia, Canada, Chile, Japan, Philippines, and Ecuador —, Julián possesses a global perspective that informs his work, allowing him to address universal issues while respecting local contexts. Julián is fluent in English and Spanish, enhancing his ability to connect with diverse audiences and communities, reflecting his multicultural perspective and the importance of linguistic inclusivity. He has founded and/or led academic, cultural, and history institutions and organizations that serve as inclusive spaces for sharing stories, fostering dialogue, and creating a sense of belonging, emphasizing decolonization, liberation, empowerment, and healing.

Infinite Perspective and Torres-Lópezian Prose/Artistry

Julián’s approach to storytelling and creativity is characterized by an infinite perspective. He rejects the commodification of creativity and seeks to transcend traditional categorizations. This approach is central to his vision of liberation and fosters a sense of endless possibility. Julián’s writing and artistic styles has been termed “Torres-Lópezian Prose” and “Torres-Lópezian Artistry,” which reflect his unique qualities as a writer and multi-hyphenate artist. Torres-Lópezian Prose and Torres-Lópezian Artistry signify a style characterized by creativity, versatility, and a commitment to exploring complex and meaningful themes. It serves as a fitting tribute to his contributions to the world of literature and the arts, inspired by his exceptional artistic craftsmanship.

Awards, Honors, and Accolades

Julián’s exceptional achievements include: winning the Rudy Dusek Essay Prize in Philosophy of Art for his thought-provoking essay “Art Is Indefinable;” and his impactful book Marx’s Humanism and Its Limits has received accolades, listed among the “Top 20 Best Humanism Books of All Time” by BookAuthority. He is also a distinguished finalist for Havik’s 2021 “Inside Brilliance” Experimental Award for his experimental 19-minute audio story “Sleepwalking Through the 20th.” His literary works have been widely recognized, with “Mother’s Records, Mother’s Books” being selected for The Wigleaf Top 50 Very Short Fictions of 2021 Anthology, and Reporting on Colombia hailed as one of the best Colombian conflict ebooks of 2020. Julián’s micro-poetry collection Ninety-Two Surgically Enhanced Mannequins was also included in numerous Best Poetry Collections of 2021 lists. As an athlete of mind and body, Julián has recently ranked in the top percentile worldwide in chess for his puzzle solving and rating, and has qualified for the Rucking World Championships 50-miler. 
Julián’s unwavering commitment to social justice and equity is underscored by awards like University of New Hampshire’s Diversity Hall of Fame Alumni Award for his accomplishments and commitment to social justice and equity; his induction into the prestigious Marquis Who’s Who in America for possessing professional integrity, demonstrating outstanding achievement in his respective fields, and his innumerable contributions to society as a whole; his journalism work being archived by notable international cultural and historical institutions, such as the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Smithsonian Latino Center, and the Fernando González Museum and Archives in Colombia; and his inclusion in various committees promoting human rights, equity, and the elimination of racial discrimination.
In summary, Julián Esteban Torres López is an extraordinary force of creativity, liberation, and transformation. His work has garnered critical acclaim across diverse domains, including academia, journalism, public history, art, and social justice. He is a multi-award-winning community builder who has spearheaded, led, and spoken at numerous global diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. With a strong foundation in academia and a wealth of research experience, he has presented original findings at international conferences and received multiple research grants and fellowships. Julián’s commitment to challenging norms and advancing equity is further exemplified by his extensive education and unwavering dedication to guiding and empowering others. As a prolific multi-hyphenate artist, his creations redefine conventional artistic norms, inspiring meaningful change and pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. His enduring legacy is one of boundless creativity, innovation, and inclusivity.

Divergent polymath, culture architect, and multi-hyphenate artist Julián Esteban Torres López applies his 25+ years of global experience in numerous fields to help organizations, changemakers, and artists explore, imagine, transform, innovate, and create beyond socially constructed boundaries.

The Nasiona

Julián is the founder of The Nasiona, a movement and multi-media platform that centers, elevates, and amplifies the personal stories of those Otherized by systems of oppression and dominant cultures.

We believe that the subjective can offer its own reality and reveal truths some facts cannot discover.​

Our work centers decolonization, liberation, empowerment, healing, and transformation. Through our magazinepodcastpublishing housementorship program, music series, live events, along with other initiatives and partnerships, we strive to humanize the Other.

The Nasiona Podcast

Renowned for his trauma-informed explorations of the nature-nurture of being, Julián and his The Nasiona Podcast guests examine existential concerns with compassion, care, and nuance through a decolonial prism.

These are engaging, in-depth, long-form conversations with creatives, changemakers, experts, culture architects, and justice activists that investigate our humanity, creativity, and journeys toward liberation.

Conscious Thrive

As the managing director of consulting and strategy at Conscious Thrive, Julián strives to bring back the HUMAN at the center of business relationships. We help you embody diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging from an inside-out approach — holding the whole human and individual as part of the whole.

We work with companies that have already committed to doing the work and have started implementing strategies and initiatives toward their commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment within their companies and external influences.

We offer consulting, workshops & training, and coaching.

To connect with us, schedule a free intro call: click here.

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