Divergent polymath, culture architect, and multi-hyphenate artist Julián Esteban Torres López applies his 25+ years of global experience in numerous fields to help organizations, changemakers, and artists explore, imagine, transform, innovate, and create beyond socially constructed boundaries.


pronounced hoo-lyÁhn

a genre-less artist, prolific polymath, passionate keynote speaker, versatile public scholar, visionary culture architect, and a powerful catalyst for rethinking freedom and artistic expression beyond Western colonial paradigms.
Join Julián in unlocking imagination’s potential to shape a world founded on the liberating power of creativity and the creative power of liberation.
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Julián who?

Born in Medellín, Colombia, Julián Esteban Torres López is an explorer of the arts, ethics, and culture, whose artistic and philosophical journeys + expeditions of defiance transcend arbitrary norms. Embracing his multiply neurodivergent brain and rich heritage intertwining African, European, and Abya Yala Indigenous lineages, Julián navigates imagination from a place of infinity rather than totality. For Julián, curiosity and creativity are revolutionary—pathways to liberation, celebrating the human experience and honoring its potential.
In a society that ventures to categorize, order, and control, Julián’s multi-hyphenate artistic landscapes + experimental polymathic horizons revel in divergence. Surrendering to the alluring chaos of creativity and the unknown, he trusts the expansive possibilities that reside beyond Western colonial impositions. This necessitates the continuation/adoption of Indigenous knowledge systems and their unmistakable inclusion to bring about transformation. Additionally, it involves examining new ways of existing in and engaging with the world that surpass our current understanding, as shaped by our pluralistic shared human historicity and current context. His approach transcends binaries of tradition/modernity by also futurizing new existential dimensions and modes of engaging the world for the collective liberation of all peoples.
Genre-less, Julián explores curiosity, human potential, artistic expression unfettered, believing in art’s and culture’s transformative powers. Intrinsic to his layered artistic tapestries is Julián’s meticulous artisanship; reshaping awareness, masterfully weaving intricate odysseys. Through his creative writing, performing, sonic art, digital collages, film, musical compositions, and innovations of dignity-centered empowerment platforms—along with his articles, books, publishing house, magazine, podcast, public talks, interviews, workshops, courses, webinars, consulting, public scholarship, and keynote speeches—, Julián reimagines the vibrational elements of our relationships. Each curious creation unfolds the remote liminal layered unknown, peregrinating past domestication. His terrain—a testament to experimentation and innovation—inspires audiences to challenge narratives and to reinvent and disclose our worlds anew.
At the core of Julián’s expansive creative pursuits lies an unyielding dedication to exploring the depths of introspective and revolutionary human experience. As a prolific polymath, he surpasses disciplinary boundaries with the precision of a versatile virtuoso skillfully navigating the intricate interplay of philosophical investigation, cultural critique, public discourse, and artistic activism in his creative endeavors. With an unwavering commitment to social and environmental justice, to increasing liberatory power, and to decolonizing storytelling, artistic expression, and culture, Julián’s multifaceted endeavors traverse the realms of the arts, humanities, and social sciences, orchestrating a symphony of profound understanding that resonates across various mediums. From his sharp analyses in political science, Latin American studies, public history, and global armed conflict resolution to his ahead-of-his-time storytelling, avant-garde music and sonic art, community building, journalism, and multi-media platforms—along with his cultural transformation services to artists, changemakers, and organizations—, Julián’s body of work challenges convention. It invites audiences on metamorphic journeys through the realms of human experience, existential inquiry, amd revolutionary praxis—where humanity liberates itself from oppressive systems, cultures, and ideologies. Julián’s legacy—an indelible birthmark on the fabric of contemporary thought, expression, and community.
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Julián’s Approach to Art

For me, artistic expression is characterized by a fearless embrace of the abstract, non-linear aspects of subjective experience. Rather than shy away from the intricate quantum entanglements of the human psyche, I escort myself into uncharted, imaginative territories of vast continuums of infinity.
Without judgment, I excavate my own idiosyncrasies beyond the bounds of benchmarked depths, lengths, and widths, and ferret through tunnels of immeasurable distances often intentionally obscured by the chronic smoke of strict, imploding canons constructed by fragile, nescience puritans against so-called “indecorous behavioral deviance.”
Sans barometer and criteria, I celebrate “irrationality” and the logic of dreams—even the sanity of nightmares!—as they foster my creativity by allowing unconventional symbolisms to breathe, helix twist, and flower new inheritances. There’s transformative power in accepting these inner workings of the mind, and so I continue to explore the shapelessness of my spectral consciousness.
By mining my interiority in search of symbolic richness, I forge connections between the personal and the universal, and unearth once-latent layers of meaning and complexity I’d previously speculated as unimaginable… as mere phantasmic mirages of miracles and myth.
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