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    High School Yearbook

    Just found my senior year high school yearbook. Out of the entire faculty, I only had three sign my yearbook: my Law and Ethics class teacher (I got honored with the law award during the graduation awards reception), my Librarian, and my Woman as Hero teacher (I was the only boy in the class). Apparently, books and social justice have been deeply rooted in my being for a long time. Though high school for me was very traumatic, I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to have had at least these three faculty (and a couple more who didn’t sign my yearbook) who really inspired me, opened up…

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    On Allyship

    Question: How can you identify performative allyship? Example: Stating you care and love and support people without actually doing anything besides feeling like or saying you care or love or support them. It’s like writing a to-do list, not doing anything on the list, then feeling like you accomplished something simply because you wrote down a list of things you “care” about doing. If you measure the success of care, love, and support of others by simply saying a word or merely by a personal feeling you have for others, then you are centering only yourself, not others. Instead, why not, through actions, demonstrate what care, love, and support embody?…