The Nasiona Magazine is currently on its 20th issue, Summer 2020. In it, you’ll find stories about being LGBTQIAA+, being mixed-race, being Latina/o/x, womanhood and trauma, and diaspora and immigration. Julián Esteban Torres López was the Editor-in-Chief for issues 1-18 and co-Editor-in-Chief with Aïcha Martine Thiam for issues 19-20.

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In this issue, we search for healing after a “broken” sexuality; look at what constitutes home and belonging after displacement; explore the bitter-sweetness of an identity that is defined by being in-between; navigate new cultures, assimilation, and the politics of speaking up; struggle with a second experience of sexual assault; unpack the limitations of the question “Where are you from?”; give a clear voice to the frustrations of how the world looks at bisexuals compared to how bi+ people feel about themselves; and much more.


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