Julián Esteban Torres López‘s services range from developmental editing, to book cover design; from social and public history research, to historical photograph acquisition; from manuscript evaluation, to helping you navigate the publishing industry; from archival/database research, to personalized urban hiking tours in San Francisco; from developing emerging journalists, writers, editors, and podcasters, to teaching; from Learning Management Systems, to publication management; from cultural sensitivity reading, to diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting.

Research Services

Do you need help with social research, archival/database research, or researching public history? Do you need assistance acquiring historical photographs from local, county, state, or national archives? If so, Julián Esteban Torres López may be who you’re looking for to lead the investigation.

He conducts research through various means—such as focus groups, surveys, interviews, and database/archival research—and records and analyzes the results for you. He can also prepare written summaries, contribute to research publications, and put together presentations. Whether you’re an academic institution, an independent research institute, local authorities, the government, health authorities, market research organizations, or an individual needing assistance in finding answers to a question, Julián can help.

Julián has worked as a researcher on numerous projects since 2002. He has been awarded fellowships and grants to conduct research in the humanities and social sciences and has presented his findings at conferences and universities in the US and Canada, as well as provided live analysis on international media. He has also worked as a researcher in the private sector and on a range of social-political projects, which have taken him to Canada, the US, Ecuador, and Colombia.

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Editing Services

Are you writing a memoir, a novel, a research article, a thesis, short stories, poetry, or any other kind of document? If so, Julián Esteban Torres López may be your one-stop proofreading, editing, and publishing solution. Consider him your personal editor, as he takes on a manageable number of clients so he can offer a human-centric, personalized, and collaborative approach to your writing needs: proofreading, copyediting, developmental editing, manuscript evaluation, formatting, book cover design, and/or Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing assistance.

He specializes in creative nonfiction and nonfiction, but also serves poetry and fiction authors. He prioritizes book-length manuscripts, but is happy to assist with manuscripts of any length.

Julián has offered editing services for nearly twenty years. He has edited books, different journals, taught high school and university students, ran writing workshops, contributed to numerous academic and business writing/research projects, and helped writers and organizations polish and develop content and manuscripts for publication and installation. Julián has experience in a wide range of disciplines, fields, and topics, and has the academic and real-world, practical experience to help. He is also a published author of two books, poetry, essays, and short fiction.

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Julián recommends proofreading for the last stage of editing, right before you are ready to send your manuscript for publication consideration or to your publisher for layout and formatting. He focuses on the accuracy and correctness of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and word usage.


Julián corrects problems with grammar, style, repetition, word usage, and jargon. He looks for consistency and effectiveness at the word, sentence, and paragraph levels. He focuses on capitalization, missed and repeated words, grammar, syntax, sentence structure, accurate word choices, verb tense, punctuation, paragraph, and sentence length.

Developmental Editing

Julián evaluates your manuscript as a whole to focus on big-picture structural problems of coherence and logical consistency that may significantly alter the manuscript. He may recommend changes to remove or add sentences, as well as to rewrite, condense, or expand paragraphs and ideas. He aims to improve the overall presentation and flow of your story and narrative while keeping your original concepts and style.

Manuscript Evaluation

Julián provides a diagnosis of the manuscript that highlights where changes may be most beneficial. He assesses your manuscript with careful attention to detail, then provides a written analysis. For fiction, this includes a critique of plot development and characterization. For nonfiction and academic works, his feedback identifies any unsupported or underdeveloped points or arguments.


Julián will amend your document text to ensure it complies with the required format, such as those required by specific journals and publishers.

Book Cover Design

Julián will work with you to design the front and back covers of your book.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Assistance

If you’re looking to self-publish your manuscript through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing as a paperback and/or eBook, Julián can help you along each step of the way to ensure your final manuscript proof and book cover are how you want them before your book goes live.

Publishing Consultant

Are you thinking about starting your own magazine or publishing house and don’t know where to start? Did you just take over as an Editor-in-Chief of a journal or newspaper, but don’t have the experience yet to feel comfortable managing programs, projects, and/or people? Wondering how to gather an audience and build a community for your publication? Are you curious about how to do the most good with an independent press or magazine with little to no funding and limited resources? If so, then Julián Esteban Torres López can help.

Julián has founded, led, consulted, and/or managed several publishing organizations since 2003—pop culture magazine, academic journal, business newsletter, online magazines, an online newspaper, a podcast, and a publishing house—and can offer his expertise. 

Julián has demonstrated success in holding leadership positions in publishing, academe, business, the arts, and history museums. He has proven ability to mentor and develop diverse teams and manage day-to-day operations of international, cultural, research, and arts organizations.

He is also a highly skilled editor, researcher, publisher, podcaster, journalist, educator, and author of two books. Julián is multi-talented entrepreneur with a passion for social justice and mission-driven environments that amplify underrepresented history, voices, and experiences through developing sustainable programs.

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Urban Hiking Tours in San Francisco, California

Training for an event, new to the city, visiting, adventurous local, or want to challenge yourself to find your limits? If so, then Julián‘s UpHill Battle SF tours may be for you. Let Julián create a private, custom-made urban hiking excursion for you that will take you to the best San Francisco views on foot.

Tours: 5-20 miles, or 2-10 hours.

Silent urban hiking tours available. (Think silent retreat, but with better vistas.)

Prices and packages depend on group size, length of excursion, and total elevation gain desired.

UpHill Battle SF. It’s all uphill from here.

Contact Julián for details, rates, and availability.

Julián is several hundreds of miles into his personal goal to walk every single street of San Francisco.

Also, in August of 2019, Julián became one of the few people to have ever attempted and finished the GoRuck 50+ Miler Star Course in San Francisco—the toughest course in the 50+ city circuit. The event is an urban hiking, ultra marathon, 17-waypoint navigational challenge while carrying a weighted rucksack (about ~30 lbs.). It was also an all-nighter, as it started at 9 p.m. We ended up covering 56 miles with an elevation gain of over 5,000 feet in 19 hours after we finally got moving.

Julián and his sister entered the event as Team UpHill Battle SF. Only those who completed the course in under 20 hours earned a patch commemorating the event. Here is Team UpHill Battle SF after receiving their individual patches.


Julián is an exemplary professional. I have worked with him for a year, outreaching the nonfiction storytelling organization: The Nasiona for which Julián is the founder, Executive Director, and co-Editor-in-Chief. He consistently works at a high capacity, tasking in areas of management, editing, and instructing. At The Nasiona, we’ve been busy carving a space in the nonfiction storytelling universe by developing our magazine, a publishing house, a podcast, editing services, and an internship program, all of which help us delve into the human condition and reach more people. As the organization’s founder, Julián has built and maintained a respected literary institution. His ability to run an entire organization never loses site of who he values most: the individual. He is confident and gracious, allowing shared authority when creating and problem-solving. To work for Julián is to be considered a main player, an important contributor, and someone who is heard. What I appreciate most as Julián’s colleague is his efficiency and keen listening skills. He is able to work consistently to the fullest and in doing so produces high quality work within expected timelines. He shows deep respect toward others and both offers good council and accepts others’ contributions with high regard. Such qualities make him an excellent instructor, leader, visionary, and team member. Julián is an outstanding writer. The captions used for The Nasiona’s content give clear and artful prose to pull readers to our journal. He writes grants, newsletters, copy, podcast scripts, press releases, interviews, and his own creative writing. An employer seeking writing services, leadership, instructional excellence, and integrity will benefit from as a member of the team.
Andrea A.
Communication & Outreach Specialist
Having worked with Julián for a little over a year at The Nasiona, I have come to know him as the embodiment of kindness itself, a kindness that shows its evidence at every stage of his impressive career. It is visible in the way he communicates with authors, in the interviews he conducts for the Nasiona podcast, in the humbling and tireless way he ensures he is always giving a voice to the voiceless. Julián founded The Nasiona on the principle of tolerance, and he uses his platform to leave the metaphorical door open for others with similar goals. It is what he has done for me, and countless other young creatives, for which I am eternally grateful. He brings a sharp focus to every project he approaches; with his ample experience with cultural organizations, combined with a personal background that imparts him with broad-mindedness, it’s little doubt that he has, over the years, managed to rally such a vibrant community of readers, editors and artists around him. He also imbues the work with a contagious enthusiasm, and is always coming up with refreshing ways to do conventional things — the multi-faceted literary organization that is The Nasiona being a prime example —, which makes working alongside him incredibly stimulating. But above all, Julián is passionate, and one of the most dedicated advocates for social justice I have ever known. He is always open, always attentive, always supportive, and thanks to his constant guidance, the responsibilities he bestows upon you never feel challenging. I wholeheartedly give Julián my full recommendation. He is one of the best mentors I’ve ever had, and it’s a constant privilege to work with him. Julián is a credit to his profession, and any job that would require a meticulous eye, a humane perspective, a rigorous researcher, or simply, a creative force of a mind would find in him the most phenomenal of assets.
Aïcha M.
Writer | Editor | Creative Director
Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked with Julián at The Aji Network. In a team, Julián promotes a positive environment. He is one of those people who have this rare capability of keeping their cool even in difficult environments and still come up with excellent results for any activity assigned. He is flexible and adaptive to team interactions and helps the team to move toward solving problems. He has exemplary proofreading and writing skills. I highly recommend Julián. He would be an asset to any organization.
Radhika R.
Marketing Professional
Julián was my manager in a business education company. He was always looking to invent new strategies to improve existing practices and procedures. He stood up for the team and was never afraid to bring something into question. His excellent proofreading skills and attention to detail were instrumental in helping to prepare the content-related transition from our old LMS to WordPress.
Lisa P.
Publishing & e-Learning Professional
Julián is one of those rare editors who can help you improve your writing without making you feel like a failure. He balances nicely his critique with positive feedback. This allows you to see what your strengths are as a writer as well as revealing blind spots. He is very straightforward and I like that. I found his suggestions to be effective and well thought out. He has been wonderful to work with, pleasant, and engaging.
Susanna B.
Julián stuck with me, pushed me appropriately, and drove our project to completion. I could not have accomplished my essay without him.
Allan P.
Julián truly cares about you as a person, and goes the extra mile to provide helpful feedback. He is committed to making you a better writer.
Joanna S.
I highly recommend Julián. While I had received prior advice on my manuscript—a memoir of about 80,000 words (245 pages of a 6 x 9 trade paperback)—his developmental editing and subsequent line editing and proofreading were exceptional. What helped me the most was that his advice was candid, but extremely professional—kind and articulate. I never felt criticized or belittled for my manuscript's shortcomings. Rather, I have now received "bites" on two query letters, and my manuscript is being reviewed by two publishers. I must credit Julián for his tremendous assistance.
Deb H.
Julián edited my first book and walked me through the whole, long, daunting process. He was incredibly helpful and I learned a lot from working with him. Further, Julián is exceedingly determined, thoughtful, and generous with his time. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat. His ideas really elevated my work and I'm excited to see what The Nasiona does next.
Nicole Z.
Journalist | Author
Working with Julián at The Nasiona was superb. He's a tireless advocate of writers and the writing process. Talented designer, skillful editor. Highly recommended.
Carl B.
Author | Literature Professor
I appreciate Julián's attention to detail. He is informative and offers insight as to why he is making certain edits to aid in my growth and development as a writer. He provides constructive criticism when necessary while preserving my autonomy. He has been a valuable asset to my research writing. Noteworthy: Julián is not trained in scientific writing and has provided me with the most meaningful edits when compared to those who are trained in the field. The sign of a truly extraordinary editor. Highly recommend.
Catalina T.
Health Care Professional
Julián understood the project immediately and did the editing on time as promised. He was careful to correct errors and clean things up to make the writing clear and concise, while preserving my voice in the writing. I would happily work with him again.
Ron S.
Julián offers thoughtful deep editing services. He understands writing very well. But more importantly, he understands lyrical writing amazing well. On top of that, he is very knowledgeable about social justice and feminist issues. Excellent service. Plan to use him again.
Mireya V.
I worked with Julián for a few years and our collaborative efforts were terrific—his professional talents are at the highest levels. But Julián is also a great person, and that infuses his abilities and his work. Julián managed a team of about 10 people, a variety of personalities and schedules to balance. He did so with intelligence and insight, which created a happy group. Julián's intelligence is very keen, and he uses that to break down problems, then realign factors to move toward the best solution. Julián solves problems. His insight is very impressive. He has great empathy with people, and can really understand their motivations and their personalities. All with great patience, but most important, with great respect. Any project you work with Julián will involve these talents. Your end result will be very human, very real.
Charles R.
In my one year experience working with Julián I found him to very professional, respectful, and jovial. Julián helped me to think outside the box by constantly challenging my thinking. If there was one word to describe him, it would be strategic. This was evident in each and every project we worked on. Julián is very cognizant when it comes to respect and expects the same out of everyone he works with. Lastly, what made Julián mostly fun to work with was his sense of humor and jovial demeanor.
Jephunney N.
Museum Curator
Julián and The Nasiona embody the authentic spirit of what a small literary press should be. Julián's attention to detail throughout the creative process, his knowledge of the industry, and his passion for writing make for overall editing services that are well worth it. From manuscript layout to cover design, Julian works with the author toward a polished finished product. 10/10.
Kyle N.
I had the pleasure of reporting to Julián for two years at the Wells Fargo History Museum. Simply put, Julián leads with a remarkable level of professionalism that is unparalleled by any other manager I have worked with. When Julián joined our team, he immediately brought much needed clarity to our work processes and objectives. In a short time, his strategic thinking and creative approach helped to minimize obstacles and build an effective working environment for our team. It is rare to feel renewed motivation about a job, but this is how I felt each day under Julián’s supervision. He encouraged collaboration, created opportunities for professional development, provided insightful feedback and truly advocated for our team. As a direct result of his leadership, Julián grew our museum’s footprint beyond the brick and mortar by forging relationships with many strategic partners and expanding our audience to many diverse groups across the Bay Area. I feel fortunate to have worked with Julián and to have learned so much under his tutelage. He composes thorough, insightful feedback that goes beyond what is expected. He also displays a high level of integrity, enthusiasm, and encouragement. I am truly appreciative of Julián’s careful examination of my work and would rely on his expertise for any future projects. I am confident Julián would excel at any opportunity.
Michelle B.
Museum Professional
I just started working with Julián, and I couldn't be more pleased. My writing experience has been writing bureaucratic memos. Julián is helping me humanize my memoir. Not only does he suggest changes, but he explains why. While I consider him a teacher, he is not dogmatic about suggestions. He points out passages that need improvement, but he also points out the good parts. He is great to work with and if I have a best seller, it will be thanks to him.
Rose P.
Julián is a committed, caring professional who takes his work seriously and sets a high standard of excellence. He is thoughtful and methodical in his approach to projects and excels in asking probing questions to assess a situation to formulate the best plan of action for success. He loves challenges and has the tenacity to overcome obstacles to reach desired outcomes. His keen intelligence, diverse background, and broad range of skill set and experience will be an asset to any team.
Joycee W.
History Museum Professional
Julián is an incredible leader, manager, and a pleasure to work with. I have known Julian for 7 years. I was managing editor and worked together with Julián at his literary magazine, The Nasiona. It was incredible to watch Julian grow The Nasiona so rapidly to thousands of contributors and dozens of co-editors and staff. Julián is a problem solver with a keen ability to visualize comprehensive plans and then execute on them. There are few people I know that are as hard working as Julián. When he sets his mind to something, he will inevitably achieve it. Julian would be a one-of-a-kind asset to any team or organization, and I couldn't recommend him more. Julián is a thorough editor with a keen eye for detail. He has edited everything from essays to manuscripts for me and has taken my work from good to great. He is proficient at syntactical and grammatical feedback, but he has offered developmental and global insights on my work that ultimately made it publishable. I am always recommending Julián and his writing services to my friends, and I will continue to use Julián for all my writing projects in the future.
Patrick J.
Author | Augmented Reality Thought Leader


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