Talks + Lectures + Presentations

by Julián Esteban Torres López

As a public scholar for over two decades, Julián has proactively taken his work on the effects of systems of oppression and dominant cultures into the academy and to the masses.

Decolonizing & Indigenizing Storytelling

Texas A&M University, San Antonio

Cultural Heritage Podcasting

Texas A&M University, San Antonio

Immigration & Border Crossing

California State University, Chico

Memoir As a Political Act

Mechanics' Institute Library, San Francisco

Narrative Storytelling & Social Justice

Academy of Art, San Francisco

Colombian Magical Realism

The Pearl Remote Democratic High School

Leveraging BIPOC Identities in Publishing

Women's National Book Association, Authentic Voices Program

The Insecurity of Security Policies in the Andes: An analysis of the U.S.-Colombian fight against narco-terrorism and its impact on Colombia’s neighbors

29th International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Toronto

Colombia, the Conflicts and Beyond: Perspectives on a Canadian Ally

Simon Fraser University

Pre-Columbian Colombia: Indigenous Peoples Before Conquest

University of British Columbia Okanagan

The Colombian Centaur: A Gramscian approach to hegemony and transformation during Simón Bolívar’s Colombia

University of British Columbia Okanagan

The Other Colombia

University of British Columbia Okanagan

Marx's Humanism and Its Limits

University of New Hampshire

The Social Construction of the Taboo of Cannibalism: An Ethical Dilemma for Vegetarians and Meat-Loves Alike

University of New Hampshire

Curious vs. Certain Dispositions in Dialogue: Roadblocks and Pathways Toward Understanding and Clarity

University of New Hampshire

Diversity and Poetry

Seacoast African American Cultural Center, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Historical and Socio-Political Influences on the Poetry of Gil Scott-Heron and Saul Williams

University of New Hampshire


Julián Esteban Torres López (he/him/él) is a bilingual, Colombia-born storyteller, public scholar, and culture architect with Afro-Euro-Indigenous roots. Some of his other intersectional identities also inform his work, such as: atheist, multiply neurodivergent, formerly an undocumented immigrant, (non-visibly) disabled, chronic mental health conditions, Latine/o/x. 

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With over two decades’ experience in community development and advancing social justice on the ground and in academic, corporate, and nonprofit settings, Julián is available for consulting, public talks, keynotes, workshops, training, coaching, mentorship, and interviews.


Julián is also available to partner with others to advocate for and center, elevate, and amplify the voices, experiences, and concerns of survivors of oppressive systems and dominant cultures.

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