by Julián Esteban Torres López
Multimedia Storytelling



The Nasiona’s Spanish-English Autobiographical Series

     Produced and edited by: Julián Esteban Torres López

     Script co-written by: Olga González Latapi and Julián Esteban Torres López


Multimedia Storytelling

Surgically Enhanced Mannequins (1-13)
     The poetry included in the multimedia piece “Surgically Enhanced Mannequins (1-13)” is an excerpt from Julián’s micro-poetry collection Ninety-Two Surgically Enhanced Mannequins. The audio track of the multimedia piece “Surgically Enhanced Mannequins (1-13),” which includes the poetry performance and the soundscape, is included in Julián’s audio storytelling album Sfumato.

     Artificial Intelligence created the artwork and Julián designed the soundscape and poems, which tackle the absurdity of what it means to be human and honor how moments, not plots, compose our lives. The piece is an attempt to capture these fleeting moments, while also trying to remember the intensity of the mundane and the abyss of the beautiful. It also directly confronts colonial forms of storytelling, so Julián designed the environment as a form of resistance. He wanted to create a dreamlike experience where everything conceivable and inconceivable could happen at once, and where time is not linear.


Julián Esteban Torres López (he/him/él) is a bilingual, Colombia-born storyteller, public scholar, and culture architect with Afro-Euro-Indigenous roots. Some of his other intersectional identities also inform his work, such as: atheist, multiply neurodivergent, formerly an undocumented immigrant, (non-visibly) disabled, chronic mental health conditions, Latine/o/x. 

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With over two decades’ experience in community development and advancing social justice on the ground and in academic, corporate, and nonprofit settings, Julián is available for consulting, public talks, keynotes, workshops, training, coaching, mentorship, and interviews.


Julián is also available to partner with others to advocate for and center, elevate, and amplify the voices, experiences, and concerns of survivors of oppressive systems and dominant cultures.

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