Divergent polymath, culture architect, and multi-hyphenate artist Julián Esteban Torres López applies his 25+ years of global experience in numerous fields to help organizations, changemakers, and artists explore, imagine, transform, innovate, and create beyond socially constructed boundaries.



Reclaiming the power of culture,
storytelling, and artistic expression
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“A world that does not value creativity does not understand liberty. When people fail to embrace imagination, the essence of freedom remains elusive. If we can’t liberate our imaginations, it’s going to be difficult to liberate anything else. I believe that creativity and liberation are intertwined forces espoused to unleash each other’s potential. Liberating creativity creates liberation. Creating liberation liberates creativity. I envision a future fueled by this creativity-liberation cycle.” 





Julián Esteban Torres López has provided his skills, experience, and expertise to companies, institutions, and organizations, such as:


Sample of mission-driven organizations Julián Esteban Torres López has partnered with to ensure he is always striving forward in collaboration and solidarity.


Sample of institutions, organizations, and media that have invited Julián Esteban Torres López to speak and share his insights on a wide array of topics.
“Join me in unlocking imagination’s potential to co-construct a world founded on the liberating power of creativity and the creative power of liberation. In community, let us rethink and reshape freedom and artistic expression beyond Western paradigms. The shadows and specters of colonialism and imperialism do not go away on their own. They haunt, until we conduct an exorcism.” 


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A true artist!

Sarah Yamanaka
Writer | Editor | Creator

Julián is the kind of person a creator needs to be in this modern era.

Maris Lidaka
Filmmaker | Editor | Founder of Blended Future Project

As you’ll be able to tell when you listen to him speak, this is truly a person of all kinds of talent, and a brain to match this talent. And it is mind-blowing. Truly genius!

The Scapegoat Podcast

Reading Julian Esteban Torres López’s Ninety-Two Surgically Enhanced Mannequins is like reading the writings of Russian poet and avant-gardist Daniil Kharms or one of the many heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa. But the poems’ minimalism reminds one of Zen koans: absurd, irrelevant, contradictory, imaginative, fun and beautiful.

Bunkong Tuon
Award-winning poet | Associate professor of English

Daring and risky, [Julián’s poems] challenge readers to think beyond the norms of language and cultural history, as each is broken down and reinvented. Think of Derrida working toward a written Picasso.

Carl Boon
Author of PLACES & NAMES: Poems | Professor of literature @ Dokuz Eylül University

I was stunned by the infusion of history and lineage, joy and disappointment in this lyric collection. Torres López bends quotidian moments through a prism, slowing time in a way that celebrates the wonder of wakeful living.

Deborah Jackson Taffa
Author of Whiskey Tender: A Memoir | Director of the MFA in Creative Writing Program @ the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)

Julián Esteban Torres López has given us a small masterpiece of tiny ideas writ large with his collection, Ninety-Two Surgically Enhanced Mannequins. Rhythmic and concise, each line is a surprise and a truth.

Anika Fajardo
Award-winning author of Magical Realism for Non-Believers: A Memoir of Finding Family

The short poems in this collection, Ninety-Two Surgically Enhanced Mannequins, are more like aphorisms than poetry, and the work pushes the bar between a fleeting narrative to a concise generational lesson, a dance between couples, a truth-discovery, something true revealed inside glimpses of still-life.

Millicent Borges Accardi
CantoMundo Fellow | Author of Only More So

This collection is a night sky full of fireflies, flirting with a jar, but never trapped. Julián shares fragments just long enough for you to feel like you got close enough to touch. The lights will reach you, though the dark bleeds through, too. The patterns will shift before your eyes. It is a delight.

Ra Avis
Award-winning blogger | Author of Sack Nasty: Prison Poetry

Julián showcases the stories and experiences of cultures that have been undermined and othered. He knows that politics, economics, and any other social environment can change faster when culture is transformed. Julián truly knows how to create and use his platforms to center, elevate, and amplify the voices of the oppressed. Connect with Julián if you, too, are mission-driven and passionate about social justice! This incredible human being is here not only to give his advice towards podcasting but towards life. Julián gives us a gift!

Daniela Perea Morales
Co-founder & production director @ Smooth Podcasting

Julián is a problem solver with a keen ability to visualize comprehensive plans and then execute on them. There are few people I know that are as hard working as Julián. When he sets his mind to something, he will inevitably achieve it. Julián would be a one-of-a-kind asset to any team or organization, and I couldn’t recommend him more.

Patrick Johnson
Immersive Storytelling Specialist | CEO + founder of Rock Paper Reality

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor — but I did when I worked with Julián. In a team, Julián promotes a positive environment. He is one of those people who have this rare capability of keeping their cool even in difficult environments and still come up with excellent results for any activity assigned. He is flexible and adaptive to team interactions and helps the team to move toward solving problems.

Radhika Rane Bhosale
CRM and Marketing professional | Mrs. Asia USA 2022 First Runner Up (representing India)

I have come to know Julián as the embodiment of kindness itself. It is visible in the way he communicates with authors, in the interviews he conducts for The Nasiona Podcast, in the humbling and tireless way he is always giving a voice to others. It is what he has done for me, and countless young creatives, for which I am eternally grateful. With his ample experience with cultural organizations, combined with a personal background that imparts him with broad-mindedness, it’s little doubt he has, over the years, managed to rally such a vibrant community of readers, editors and artists around him. But above all, Julián is passionate, and one of the most dedicated advocates for social justice I have ever known. He is one of the best mentors I’ve ever had, and it’s a constant privilege to work with him.

Aïcha Martine Thiam
Creative director | Editor | Artist | Musician | Author of AT SEA and BURN THE WITCH

As the organization’s founder, Julián has built and maintained a respected literary institution. His ability to run an entire organization never loses site of who he values most: the individual. He is confident and gracious, allowing shared authority when creating and problem-solving. To work for Julián is to be considered a main player, an important contributor, and someone who is heard. What I appreciate most as Julián’s colleague is his efficiency and keen listening skills. He is able to work consistently to the fullest and in doing so produces high quality work within expected timelines. He shows deep respect toward others and both offers good council and accepts others’ contributions with high regard. Such qualities make him an excellent instructor, leader, visionary, and team member.

Andrea Auten
Writer | Writing specialist | Performance + visual artist | Arts teacher

Julián embodies community and inspires the next generation of Latinx creators. When we first met at the Cruzando Fronteras event run by Central Americans for Empowerment (CAFE) at Chico State, Julián was an incredible professional speaker and passionate about helping our students.

His presence was a guiding force and it felt like he invested so much time, patience, and wisdom into us in such a short amount of time. He was our biggest supporter, both attentive and kind in equal measure. We could tell that he wanted to see us succeed, not just on that day, but for everything else that was coming for us as individuals. Julián made us feel appreciated. I’d highly recommend working with Julián!

Alondra Adame
Poet | Essayist | Lecturer @ California State University, Chico

As an educator engaged with Critical Pedagogy, I admire how Julián’s public talk ‘Decolonizing Storytelling’ brought together actionable concepts in ways that encourage application in our classrooms and the lives of our students. Julián’s talk opened a space for important reflections on crucial topics for underrepresented communities such as political art, the politics of representation, and activism. In a personalized and honest manner, Julián exemplified Paulo Freire’s statement that ‘There is no true word that is not at the same time praxis’ (Pedagogy of the Oppressed 1970). Similarly, Julián demonstrates in his workshop ‘Cultural Heritage Podcasting’ and throughout his own artistic practice the value of listening and the empowerment that comes from producing and amplifying storytelling from the margins. In so doing, Julián reminds us that, ‘to speak a true word is to transform the world’ (Freire).

Dr. Alexandra Rodriguez Sabogal
Educator, Spanish + Latin American Culture and Literature

Julián immediately brought much needed clarity to our work processes and objectives. In a short time, his strategic thinking and creative approach helped to minimize obstacles and build an effective working environment for our team. It is rare to feel renewed motivation about a job, but this is how I felt each day under Julián’s supervision. He encouraged collaboration, created opportunities for professional development, provided insightful feedback and truly advocated for our team.

As a direct result of his leadership, Julián grew our museum’s footprint beyond the brick and mortar by forging relationships with many strategic partners and expanding our audience to many diverse groups across the Bay Area. I feel fortunate to have worked with Julián and to have learned so much under his tutelage.

Michelle Brass
Museum professional

We are deeply grateful to Julián for joining us for a workshop on Cultural Heritage Podcasting and a public talk on Decolonizing Storytelling. Both events were truly compelling. Julián engaged students and other audience members with his generative questions, incisive commentary, and passionate delivery. Students and other audience members left inspired to tell their own stories and to work toward social justice. We highly recommend working with him!

Dr. Katherine Gillen
Chair of Department of Language, Literature, and Arts @ Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Julián is a true professional in a world of unrealistic claims.

Allan Peterson
Independent scholar

He is an educator and not all the educators are in front of the classroom.

Sean McGhee
Former Director of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs @ University of New Hampshire

I’d recommend Julián to any organization that needs genuine, compassionate, and informed insight on the pressing social justice matters of our time.

Tom Molanphy
Educator | Journalist

Julián was my manager in a business education company. He was always looking to invent new strategies to improve existing practices and procedures. He stood up for the team and was never afraid to bring something into question.

Lisa Preissler
Senior Training Operations Manager @ C3 AI

When he joined our team, he came highly recommended, and always delivered on those expectations. Julián brought to us intellectually inspired ideas, persistent work ethic and an effective drive to align his passions to our goals. His leadership inspired with strong communication, vision, and actions. It is a pleasure to recommend Julián.

Juan Colato
Museums professional

He gets the class to reframe what the notion of literary art is. Not all poetry is meant to reside quietly and in the confines of the classroom; it is meant to be disruptive and provocative. Students went from hating to loving poetry because of Torres López.

Dr. John Ernest
Professor of English | one of the world's top scholars on 19th Century African-American literature
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